Sunday, 21 September 2014

Week 38, 2014 - Malaysia Day week

Four day work week - thanks, Malaysia Day. Sadly, didn't get to take Monday off, which was just as well. 
  • Fixed a toilet - yay! 
  • Got a second erm, "free" brow waxing, this time at the Benefit Brow Bar/store upstairs at the Sephora in Bukit Bintang. With a RM100 minimum purchase (RM80 for members) until the end of the month. 
  • Speaking of Sephora - a recent email from them hinted of the Sephora Black card coming soon. Frankly, I have no real idea what the difference between the White and Black cards are, but will wait until I get a Black Card to find out. 
  • Caught Ronny Chieng's Chieng Reaction at PJ Live Arts on Saturday night. I thought it was just okay; his stage persona is just not for me. 
  • Not surprised that The Mentalist is on its final season - it's run its course, quite frankly. And I don't think I can stand to see the Jisbon 'ship for any longer than that.