Friday, 12 September 2014

Third whack of crack

Can't be backside-d to go with anyone, so I went back to the Crackhouse all by myself on Thursday night to catch the headliner Singaporean Malay comic (Fakkah Fuzz) whom I saw at Urbanscapes last year. 

Doors might open at 8 p.m., but when I got upstairs a little after that, it was pretty quiet save for an older married couple (whom we all found out later was a Malaysian man with his Singaporean wife) who were under the illusion that the show was starting at 8 p.m., so after paying the RM25 entrance and the hand stamp, I walked around for dessert. After failing to find chocolate pie at Souka, I settled for cheesecake at Artisan Roast, which was okay, but meh. 

Things only got underway at around 9 p.m., with Rizal van Geyzel as host for the night. He introduced Brian Tan (again), the Crackhouse's resident barkeep (seriously) and Greg Hutt, who's in his last week in Malaysia, who each did a short set. The host called a five minute smoke/stretch your legs/drink break after the first two performers. Fuzz was pretty funny for the most part, albeit a little loud for the space we were in, I thought.

They all of course spotted the token angmo guy in the audience and interacted with him. I give props to the family of four from KLANG to Taman Tun (no mean feat if they actually travelled FROM Klang that night, given the rush hour traffic, etc) who showed up, with the younger people having to listen to the sometimes ribald material with a parent. Which I imagine is about as awkward watching movie love scenes with your parents (which doesn't happen in Malaysia because those things would've been taken out). The only people in the audience who seems to be really enjoying himself was a cabbie, who was downing cans of Tiger beer like water, and another guy who recently became a priest. (I don't know what that achievement would be called - so shoot me).