Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Taste Enclave Classic, Pavilion

If you didn't already know about this place, the only way you would have is by accident. When you do spot it, you say to yourself, "When was THIS here?" I can't remember which store this was behind, that's how weirdly located it is. I had noticed on a previous trip, but had taken a mental note to go the next time I'm hungry and in the area. 

It's a new classy hawker centre in a classy mall. I think its location had something to do with how it's so quiet during lunch hour compared to the Food Republic foodcourt downstairs, which seems like a morning market in comparison - in that most people don't know it's there to begin with? Or maybe as it was a public holiday, people have staggered meal times? I'm just guessing.

It's so classy that you don't have to walk up to the stalls to order, it's almost restaurant-y (or like Old Town White Coffee and its ilk, depending on who you ask): They walk you to a table, you peruse a menu (which lists every menu item from every stall there, in both English and Mandarin), write your order on the chit, and someone will run it to the stall so you don't have to. You really don't have to get up once seated, not even to pay. I still find it weird to see white people in shirts and ties running around managing a food court in Asia (who I presumed were the management).

Took me awhile to decide what I wanted, because I just don't want something that I can get closer to home for cheaper. Finally decided on beef wat tan hor (noodles in egg drop gravy with beef slices), which for the price (RM 12.90 before taxes, etc) was pretty good and generously portioned. It was unfortunate that the 11th Starbucks drink I chose (skinny, no whip Grande Dark Mocha frap) kinda spoiled my appetite a little and I couldn't finish.

If you've been to the Avenue K one, this is still the "classier" one of the two. It's pretty much the same stalls, I believe. I like the place fine, especially since it's easier to find a table here than downstairs :P Sadly, no WiFi.