Saturday, 27 September 2014

Super Kam 2: The Second Kam-ming

Won a pair of tickets to see (basically, if I'm not mistaken) the siaran ulangan of Super Kam 2: The Second Kam-ming from Esquire Malaysia (caught the Facebook post about it around 10 p.m. a few days ago, wasn't expecting to get tickets until I got a missed call and email about it the next business day). My usual problem was not wasting the other ticket and finding someone who was available on very short notice. Decided to go with Friday night, only to find out later from the person I dragged along that Thursday would've been better. C'est la vie. 

Luckily the seats we got were pretty good, and by that I mean not in the front row. It was mostly full downstairs... I think. I know it was just me and my friend in our row (she didn't want to get up because she got her knitting rhythm on). 

Lights went down around 9.15 p.m. and we were erm, "treated" to the intro video which was almost 10 minutes long. I mostly cracked up when I saw Gavin Yap overacting in it. 

This round got a number of replacements: Prakash Daniel was the audience fluffer, err... hosting instead of Papi Zak, then there was Bibi K Poh (who first came on stage dressed like Elsa from Frozen, siap with blonde braid wig and frosty blue dress). Everyone did 10, 15 minutes I think? 

Prakash Daniel: Not a bad audience fluffer. Pretty funny, mostly because I've never seen him before. 

Bibi K Poh (who came out in a white gown): Not bad, quite funny. Cabaret-ish, and she went down to interact with some of the audience in the front... which made me glad I was where I was seated. 

Shamaine Othman: Have heard some of her stuff before, but still funny. Her set was about weight loss (she lost 25kg, good on her!), single-dom and dating, with some race humour thrown in. 

Sharul Channa: Some race and cross-border (she's Singaporean) humour. Tears down my face hilarious. 

Joanne Kam: Her brand of bawdy humour is still an acquired taste, just not for me. It was okay. There's an audience interaction portion where she brought three guys on stage to learn moves for a "porn" shoot she wants to make. If nothing else, those guys really got the cajones for playing along. 

Everyone on stage noticed the white Dutch guy in the front row with his Sri Lankan wife. If nothing else, I have to give him props for being so game for playing along. 

I thought it was fun and hilarious mostly because I didn't pay to watch this. But I probably wouldn't have, because it's just so damn mahal (for me). Tonight (Saturday, 27th Sept) is the last show in PJ before it goes to Penang next weekend. Pretty sure tickets are still available. 

PS. If they want to reuse the poster also, at least Photoshop Daphne Iking out lah - kesian Bibi K Poh

PPS. Checked the ticketing website: The front row was actually the cheaper seats. Figures.