Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ronny Chieng's Chieng Reaction, PJLA

I went in blind. 

Cutting it real close after collecting my ticket and getting my dessert dose at The Bee, I made it. My guess is that it only sold out because it was a one-night performance and some of the seats were comped. And it's Malaysians wanting to stake a claim on anyone internationally famous who's got even a drop of Malaysian blood in them. If nothing else, I give them props for not having a host or any other acts fluff the audience and that it was just him. 

Ronny Chieng came on at about 8.40 p.m., which was refreshing from "Malaysian 8.30 p.m.", which must've thrown some people for a loop because people were still streaming in as the show was underway. Anyone else on stage would've made fun of the late arrivals, but not Ronny. 

His bit about how older people pretending to buckle their seat belt by pulling it and holding it in place rather than buckling it in cracked me up because it's true and I've seen that first hand. The set included bits about his [typical Asian] parents, which might surprise white audiences but not Asian audiences, Kanye Westhis run-in with the condescending, under-25 Apple store employee which went on for at least 20 minutes. He has the cocky (or arrogant, depending on how you see it) persona on stage, which I suppose is something different from the self deprecation you usually see from comedians. The callbacks I'm okay with, but the repetition of some of the stuff he says (the not-so humble humble-brag like how he graduated from the 5th best law school on the planet), I was over with pretty quickly. I haven't seen or heard the comedy album to know if it was verbatim.

It was funny in some places, but for me, it wasn't tears-down-my-face funny, some of that having to do with me having this pain in the base of my skull. At least I didn't pay full price thanks to the membership card. And the show finished before 10 p.m.