Monday, 1 September 2014

NY Steak Shack, Midvalley

Heard about this place through social media about the under-RM30 ribeye steaks. Decided to go there for dinner on Saturday even though I had forgotten the name, let alone to ask the concierge for the location. But I still remembered WHERE I read it, so had to do some Wi-Fi leeching and long story short, was on my way. 

Even though it was the thick of dinner rush, I was fortunate in that I got seated right away. The only snag about going there by myself was getting a tiny table near one of the terminals where the waitstaff was key-ing in orders. Ordered the 150gm strip loin with mixed veg and coleslaw, medium (which probably wasn't by the time it got to me, but it was still pink the middle, so..) with the brown sauce (or demi glace on the menu) because I don't like to spend too much time chewing on medium rare red meat. Also got the Wi-Fi password off the waiters so it wasn't so bad (check Foursquare). 

So the steak finally arrived and the guy asked if I wanted to pour the sauce myself or if I should let him do it. After pouring it over the hot plate and the sizzle show was over, he asked if I wanted anything else (or something to that effect). My exact line was (after making a show of looking): "Erm, cutlery would be nice.." (There was no salt dispenser or cutlery on the table when I sat down; I had to ask). 

For the price (RM25.90 before tax), it's not exactly primo thick cut steak, but edible enough for me. It's for those times when you want steak, but too lazy to cook it (or the sides) yourself and you don't want to pay Victoria Station/Coliseum prices either. Or if you're not too fussed about steak. The mixed veg was a little too soft and (maybe) a tad underseasoned for some; the coleslaw was not bad.  

What I liked: You choose two from a range of sides, and the meat temp go from as low as blue. 

What I didn't like so much: Service could be a lot better: I got called "sir" when I got the bill  -___- Should I be glad that the kid didn't call me "auntie" then? 

There are other non red-meat main course options, but it's pretty slim pickings. I don't mind going back if I could.