Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Windowsill Pies, Singapore

Heard about it on the social media, and conveniently round the corner from the hotel I was staying at. So I went there after I had checked in, showered and dumped the bag in the room. It's across the road from the stadium and not the same side as the stadium as Google Maps would like you to think.

I only had one pie that I wanted to try: the GRASSHOPPER pie ($7.50). Washed it down with a mocha ($6.50), which I probably shouldn't have (wasn't really to my taste), but needed the caffeine and there wasn't a Toast Box nearby :P

It's a cute enough, Instagrammable hipster pie joint. Had no problem finding a table because I was there after the lunch rush at almost 3 in the afternoon. My only complaint was: HOW CAN YOU HAVE DECOR LIKE THIS AND NOT PROVIDE WI-FI FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS?! (Okaylah, the Wi-Fi rant is not just for this place, but for most of Singapore in general). This is one of those things I like about the Klang Valley cafe scene - there's always Wi-Fi for the customers.

They also just started serving savoury dishes recently, but by another company.

Liked the pie just fine, but as a tourist, not enough to come back just because. If you like dessert pies, you should come by at least once. 

78 Horne Road, Singapore 209078, Singapore