Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 35, 2014 - 3 day Merdeka weekend!

Been a little under the weather this week: between the sniffles and the (perhaps?) bout of food poisoning and the angin, it had been a fun week -_-"

With today (Sunday) being a public holiday, tomorrow also cuti, so yay three day weekend :)
  • Local cab license holders complained about Uber, and was deemed "illegal" by the authorities for less than a day (thanks to social media backlash). Last thing I heard was that Uber was told to get the "permits" in order to stay running. In other Uber news: it's finally in JB! Whee! 
  • Quiznos finally opened in the second home this week. Still haven't gone. 
  • Finally went to NY Steak Shack in Midvalley to check out the fuss. 
  • New IKEA catalogue is out. Flipped through it online, but cannot beat flipping through a fresh, physical copy lah..
  • Took advantage of the IKEA Family member promo and got a 15% discount on an hour long aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey. From now on, it's the "oil massage" all the way for this ticklish, low pain tolerance person lah :P
  • Got another free sunblock today. No exchange necessary, but need to show the promoters that you Liked the brand's FB Page. The "professional" warga emas freebie queue-rs (even the promoters lining up behind me were gossiping about them like they were legendary) were slightly thwarted by the Facebook mechanics (it didn't say in the earlier announcement that you needed to "Like" the FB Page), but luckily the promoter had a tablet handy for this eventuality. 
Have a nice weekend, Malaysia.