Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Trying out the Paradigm Mall - KLIA/KLIA2 Bus Service

The thing about going to the airport from where I live is that it takes 45 minutes (if traffic is good and if you follow the posted speed limits; half an hour if you're a cast member of the Fast and Furious) to get to KLIA. I used to hate driving to LCCT because it could take another 20 minutes driving there. And let's not forget driving back and also if you were to drive during rush hour, etc. I should be glad that I'm still within driving distance and not be like a state or few away from the airport. I've done the airport run in more conditions than I would care to list - morning, noon, night, rain, sun. No snow, hail and tornadoes only. Some of my aunties are aghast that I drove so far. 

Paradigm Mall recently announced a new bus service that would run from the mall to both KLIA 2 and KLIA for RM10 one way that started on 5th July. I finally got to try it out a couple weeks ago for myself. Here's how it went. 

The bus counter was at the back of the mall, away from the LDP and facing the construction/housing area and that's also where you'll find and board the bus. If you're a AirAsia BIG card holder, you can also collect points on the bus ticket. 

Missed the 7.30 a.m. bus, so bought a ticket for the 8.30 one and waited. Fortunately you get the mall Wi-Fi even when you're outside. We got on, loaded the bags under the bus, and the driver had to punch a hole in the tickets (so old school when you think about it). There were only 4 of us on this trip.

Traffic was not too bad by the time we left (bus went on the North-South Highway) and we got to both airports pretty early. KLIA 2 bus terminal (?) seems pretty canggih - when we pulled up, there's an LED sign telling the driver which bay to dock at. This is where three of my fellow passengers got off, leaving me the only one going on to KLIA. It was my first time at the KLIA bus terminal (which is across the road from the terminal), having always just driven there. Can't complain that I was early enough for my flight without wasting TOO MUCH time.

  • Not too far (if you live in the area)
  • RM10 one way is still cheaper than driving (gas + toll), cab (RM70, give or take) or Uber. 
  • You can sleep on the bus :)
  • The schedule is not for everyone - can't really use this if you're taking very early or really late flights. 
  • You can collect your BIG points at KLIA2, but not KLIA. Have yet to go back to Paradigm to do so. I was told that unlike the shopping and dining receipts, you don't have to redeem bus ticket points on the same day of purchase. 
My main concern would be if it was financially viable for them to have this service in the long run....