Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tresor Tavern Hotel, Singapore

Picked this hotel for several things: needed a single person room, price (Agoda promotion), and had wanted to see what the fuss was about with the Lavender area (begs the question: Why is it called that? It's full of hardware shops and industrial material, there's no lavender fields. Or was there someone NAMED Lavender?) and it's burgeoning hipster cafe scene that if I wasn't already staying there, I wouldn't go there just because.

Getting there: Not too hard. Walking distance from Lavender MRT station (if you're a hotel/hostel in Singapore that's not walking distance of an MRT station - you might as well close shop now), which is on the green line from the airport. Area is pretty quiet at night and at least the Indian dude at the night desk did his due diligence by asking me for my room key when I got back in for the night.

Checking in: Because of the long immigration line at Changi, I only got there around 2 something, after their check in time. I think because I had prepaid (via Paypal) for room beforehand, I wasn't asked for a deposit. (I read online that other people had to put S$50 deposit down). 

Room: My expectations were already pretty low. If you ever want to experience how Harry Potter survived being in a cupboard under the stairs, this is about as close to that as you get. While the room is only slightly larger than a pod at a pod hostel; at least there is an ensuite bathroom. There's a ventilation vent in the room, which made it less stuffy than it could be due to the windowless state. But of course paranoid me is also paranoid about how a camera could be installed in said vent too.. Also not a lot of wiggle room, either for the human or for luggage. Anything bigger than carry on would take up a lot of floor space. It's so small that you get several hangers on hooks in lieu of any sort of cupboard. Bedding seems dodgy at first sight, and I found weird yellow stains on the underside when I flipped it over the next morning. Glad I only found that out later, but still. Pretty quiet for the most part, except you hear it when other people try to open their doors (the lock to my door didn't work quite right for me).

Wi-Fi: Username and password given when you check-in. It's okay, but not like I tried to download torrents with it, so...

There's a TV, but local channels only.
World's tiniest/cluttered side table. Toilet paper's there because it'll be soaked if left in the bathroom.
The room is too small for ceiling fan
Bathroom: For the price, you get a clean towel, soap and shampoo (in dispensers, which I didn't use because it wasn't clearly labelled and I brought my own sample sized stuff to use up). Being an Asian bathroom, the whole place was going to get wet when you take a shower. There's also no shoulder room to use the tiny sink, so I brushed my teeth while showering. At least the hot water worked. 

Yep, the shower is over the toilet. 
No space for me to use the sink, let alone anyone bigger. 
Sleep was spotty (only fell asleep after 2 something in the a.m., unwinding from the concert; only slept properly around 6 a.m.?). Breakfast spread the next day was spartan: bread, toaster, (3-in-1 variant) coffee, tea, etc. Only had the coffee, banana and apple.

Pros: Price, there's an elevator (no lugging bags up flights of stairs), own attached (but small) bathroom, proximity to the (green) MRT line that goes to the airport.

Cons: Rooms and bathrooms might be tiny and/or claustrophobic for some.

Long story short - only for overnight stay, if you're (a bit) cheap and have low expectations. Definitely not for the flashpacker crowd.

26 Cavan Road, Singapore 209854