Monday, 4 August 2014

Travis, The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore

I haven't been back down to Singapore for a concert in years now, mostly out of poor-ness (I blame the unfavourable exchange rate) and laziness. When it was announced a couple months ago that Travis would be playing Singapore for the fourth time in a place that I've never been (The Star Performing Arts Centre) on 1 August, I was (as always) a little reluctant. But luckily the Singaporeans I know also wanted to go and would buy a ticket for me. My job was just to get basically get myself down there.

It's a new-ish venue in that even the locals I was with had never been before, so it's something new for everyone involved. Like all the other performing arts venues in Singapore, it's above a mall and not too far from an MRT (specifically, Buona Vista) station. But it's not downtown, it's practically out in the 'burbs. Got there around 6 something, so I had some time to walk around and explore the mall a little. As arranged beforehand, met up at Boston Seafood Shack (wanted to try the lobster roll - it was okay for $14, but wasn't hungry enough to enjoy it proper as I had a late salad lunch around 5 something) for dinner. 

It's a swanky-looking venue, akin to KLCC's Plenary Hall or Istana Budaya. Like Artscience Museum, you scan your ticket's barcode for entry. Luckily there wasn't a strict dress code (asked on the Facebook event page beforehand about it; I was slightly underdressed in ratty tee shirt, cargo shorts and sneakers). I had no idea where our seats were until we sat down (they didn't want to tell me where the seats were and how much :P) - we were like half a dozen rows away from the stage (when you ketot/short hor, you do what you can). Sat through an opening act (local act Take Two) who did a six song set. Travis probably only came on around 9.30 p.m.? Something like that. Then everyone (at least in the rows ahead of us) in our section rushed to the front of the stage, and had to stand through the show anyway >P

Merchandise: Two choices of tee shirt designs, S$50 each: logo and the one below. I don't know if they ran out of the smaller sizes by the time we got there or if they didn't have any to begin with, but there were only medium and large sized tee shirts left. I got this one, though..

You either get the reference, or you don't.

Most of their set list was songs from the first few albums and less from the recent albums, which is great for fans of the older material (like yours truly).

All I can say was - those old guys sure can rock (okaylah, they're in their early 40s now). Watching hobo looking Fran Healy climb and jump off the drum kit was pretty badass. The guitarist tried to top that by climbing one of the huge speakers, but chickened by tossing the guitar down to a roadie before carefully jumping down, haha. 

Travis Setlist The Star Theatre, Singapore, Singapore 2014, Where You Stand

I can now check Travis off the concert bucket list, whee!

PS. I am working on uploading the video and pictures unto Dropbox and Box. Not sure if anyone wants the videos, as some of them have my frog voice on there already.. :P But the pictures aren't too shabby, all things considered.