Monday, 18 August 2014

Sensorium 360°: Contemporary Art and the Sensed World

Singapore Art Museum 37
Singapore Art Museum 37 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There's only so much shopping (window or otherwise) you can do in Singapore, particularly if your own currency is shittier than the Singapore Dollar and it's after the (so-called) Great Singapore Sale. So to get out of the sun for a couple of hours and to up the culture quotient a little bit, I went back to the Singapore Art Museum to check out the new interactive exhibition, Sensorium 360°: Contemporary Art and the Sensed World.
Sensorium 360° is an exhibition of Southeast Asian and Asian contemporary art that calls upon the complexity of the human senses, and explores how sensory experiences locate us in understanding the world and knowing the self. While the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are the most commonly known, other identified senses include the ability to detect movement, pain, balance and even time. Oft taken for granted, these physiological capacities are indispensable in enabling us to apprehend the world within and without – taking in its pleasures and pains, even as we absorb data and information. 
Spanning the fields of art, phenomenology, philosophy and cognitive psychology,Sensorium 360° is a visual art exhibition that moves beyond vision to 'see' the world through the other senses, and to experience it in-the-round.
The first and last time I went about 5 years ago, entrance was free because they were undergoing massive reconstruction. At least now there's an MRT station (Bras Basah) below it so you don't have far to walk. I couldn't go on free admission Friday nights, so I sucked it up and paid the S$10 entrance fee. There were on-site lockers that I could dump my excess luggage in ($2, which you can change with the uncles at the counter) and explore the place. 

The installations are interactive, so you're pretty much meant to play with it, so it's great for the kids as well. 

As usual, no photos allowed, so this was the only picture I managed to sneak in on the phablet. I've got some others in the point and shoot, so you would still need to go check it out for yourselves.. 

Yup, the boob pit.
You can find the guide here

Admission is free for Singaporean residents and PRs, $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors. Runs until 22 October 2014. 

Monday - Sunday: Last admission to the museum is at 6.15pm 10am - 7pm
Friday: Enjoy complimentary entry on Friday evenings from 6pm - 9pm 10am - 9pm