Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Buying the Moto E on Lazada

Ever since my disastrous attempt with Zalora way back when (which has since been resolved), I've had my reservations about the Rocket Internet's group of companies. Since then, I had no issues with Foodpanda (which I think is also a sister company? Correct me if I'm wrong), and Lazada is another sister company I've not tried before. With so many people complaining about Lazada on the interwebs, I had my reservations

It was announced that Motorola's new (under RM500) budget phone, the Moto E, would only be sold on Lazada for RM369. (But we all know that won't be true for long.) I had a RM30 coupon code burning a hole in the (proverbial) pocket for a few months now, valid until the next day. So what the heck. When you log on to Lazada Malaysia, the banner ads keep popping up. Long story short, burned through my coupon code (they were not kidding about "one use") and I had to ask their customer service for a new one afterwards. So I now have another RM30 coupon code for another 30 days and a RM10 coupon code for signing up.

Since it wasn't Xiaomi's crazy flash sales, I figured I could sleep on it. The next day (Sunday), I saw a coupon code on the LINE app (only good I got out of it) where you can buy it for RM329, which was only valid on the day I saw it. Cheaper than if I had used my original coupon code, which made me glad the initial order didn't pan out.

Because of the price, I got free shipping. The only snag in the ordering was not being able to put in a different delivery address from my billing address, which is either me or a bug. I received emails from them every step of the way, from order confirmation all the way to letting me know that the courier was on his way (after he called to ask if he could come; luckily I was able to reroute over the phone). Considered not bad already lah, getting it two days after ordering.

The clear tape was sliced, but not the blue one 
Charger and stuff
So far, s'alright