Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week 30, 2014 - Long Raya weekend

Four day Raya weekend. Roads are congested, malls are crowded but some parts of the Valley are like a ghost town. I don't know why people think leaving town (when you're not actually celebrating Raya) just because it's a long weekend seems like a good idea - roads, bus stations and airports are all crowded because everyone else had the same bright idea. If you left on your vacay earlier I would get, but still. I'm only saying this because I'm only leaving town next Friday :P

This would be a good time for cafe hopping I suppose; with social media, it's not hard to find out who's open and who's not. 

Weather still hot as balls and there's still some haze about. Sigh. 
  • A Great Big World cancelled their KL gig (allegedly) out of respect for the MH17 tragedy. If nothing else, the refund would be nice and I'd be getting a breather in between gigs. 
  • Last week it was MH17, this week it's noise about the old (and I mean, OLD) A&W Drive Thru in PJ getting shut down. They had to reassure everyone that it's getting revamped and not gone for good. Oy vey.
  • Went to this year's Bookfest on Saturday. Don't know if it's because it's the first day or what, but wasn't expecting it to be so damn crowded. Oh well. Spent a pretty penny (for me) on books and some on stationery (so old already, stationery still like my crack, macam budak kecik je). 
  • Just because the Southern hemisphere is having its winter now, we're getting Christmas TV movies in July -_-"
  • Also checked out H&M Home. Who knew it was only a small section of the existing H&M store only :P