Sunday, 20 July 2014

Week 29, 2014

While I technically had a 2 day work week, but spending the state holiday out of state on a work thing still sucks major balls. So took cuti ganti and used it to take my cousin and cousin-in-law shopping at the second home as they were only in town for a few days before flying back to Down Under. 
  • Saw the movie Locke at Pyramid. Not sure if I would've paid for it :P
  • So sad to hear about yet another MAS plane (this time shot out of the air). There goes MAS's stock. 
  • Have to give props to the person who thought to record the overreacting crazy minah confronting an old man about a minor fender bender :P
  • Kena jumpa doktor lagi pasal post nasal drip masih ada lagi, siap dengan batuk juga :P
  • This week I found out that the local Poslaju (not post) office works on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Finally checked out newly opened Spotlight store in Ampang Point with a friend, who went nuts in the yarn section because they were 40% off for the weekend. They are also opening stores at The Mines later in the year and at IPC early next year, so yeah.