Sunday, 6 July 2014

Week 27, 2014

First week of Ramadhan. Weather: Still hot as balls, but the odd rain here and there helped a little bit. Down with more post nasal drip, which is about as annoying as both the common cold and flu combined. 
  • Survived a solo day trip down to Singapore on Saturday. Luckily sleeping for about 9 hours after an antihistamine and a shower helps with the recovery process.
  • RIP, Sharifah Aini. You will be remembered by the Raya song that the malls will play for two months starting from the day before Ramadhan forever now. 
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
  • Bought cheap ticket to A Great Big World gig at KL Live. Hope not to regret it as it's a free standing gig. 
  • Paternal grandmother's flexible birthday on Sunday. Few grandkids were absent, but oh well.