Thursday, 17 July 2014


It wasn't too hard to get a pair of tickets to the preview screening of indie movie Locke. There were probably about 20 people in the entire screening room. Well, I never said it was a mainstream, big budget movie filled with explosions and all. And I don't consider myself a Tom Hardy fan, so I wasn't there to cuci mata or anything. 
Ivan Locke (Hardy) has worked diligently to craft the life he has envisioned, dedicating himself to the job that he loves and the family he adores. On the eve of the biggest challenge of his career, Ivan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, job, and soul. All taking place over the course of one absolutely riveting car ride, LOCKE is an exploration of how one decision can lead to the complete collapse of a life.
Riveting is a not a word I would use: It's literally cold medication-addled Tom Hardy, in a car, making a series of phone calls to his family, colleagues and his one night stand, slowly and gradually fucking his life up in a single 90 minute drive down to London to be present for the birth of the result of his one night stand. There's no one else in the car with him, not even his deadbeat father, whom he berates for leaving him. 

My only question about this movie would be: Why a concrete pour? To justify the night setting? Or to prove that even builders (Bob the Builder sprung to mind, haha) can fuck up majorly?

According to IMDb...It's Tom Hardy's actual cold. He wasn't faking it.
In one way, you could say it's an 85-minute ad for BMW (but it's not)'s Bluetooth calling capabilities. Me, I think it may work better as a one-man stage show somewhere. But the ending pretty much ties things up, I thought. Ambigious, but obvious to me. All I can say is that it's not for everyone - as in, if you're the type that gets excited by the Transformers or Fast and the Furious franchises, you might not like this. But if you're a fan of the guy, go ahead.