Monday, 28 July 2014

Inside Scoop, Damansara Jaya

I didn't know about the Bangsar one when I first saw this a couple of weeks ago..

With this weather and today being the first day of Raya, finally got round to checking it out. Parking was aplenty. Because it's next to the huge dim sum shop, best time to go would be in the afternoon.

Because this is a scoop shop, of course it's mostly ice cream (they also have local flavours, like teh tarik and durian, etc), waffles, coffee, tea and other drinks. Prices start from RM7.80 for a single scoop of the non-premium flavour. Only had the Valrhona chocolate and teh tarik this time, both really good, though I thought the teh tarik is a little too sweet (well okay, I like my teh tarik a bit on the bitter side) but the Valrhona was balanced it out a little. 

I personally like that they have a shoe free areas (basically where ever the faux grass area is) and swings not just for the children to expend their excess energy, but for people who miss riding the swings, but with the added benefit of indoor air conditioning.
In case anyone wants to know - they hold two skinny chicks, one not-so skinny person (yours truly), two small people/children
Valrhona choc (must try if you love dark choc) and teh tarik
I might go back and try the waffles, but I don't think I can finish one by myself... 

57, SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya
(same row as Maybank and 99 Speedmart)