Thursday, 10 July 2014

First time at KLIA2

Took my first AirAsia flight (in a long while) out of the spanking new KLIA2 just to see what it's about (also because I booked the flight months before they moved to KLIA2, so I didn't have to pay the RM3 KLIA2 fee, haha). They were not kidding about how KLIA2 is more a mall than a budget terminal, but at least it gives people something to do/look at. Didn't take a lot of pictures because I thought I was running late.  

Wow, they were not kidding about having to walk so far to the departure gate. I know it's a budget airport, but would it kill them to put a few travellators in there? Didn't encounter the X-ray scanning machines until right before the departure gates and after the erm, cafes and malls in terminal.

Conveniently ada cafe right outside my gate - just not a better known one :P

This is what lays at the end of the way..
With all my huffing and puffing, it turns out I got there about 10 minutes before the flight actually opened. I got there already sweating and a little tired. If my boarding gate was any further, I was ready to strangle the first AirAsia employee I saw. But I decided to rest the tootsies at a cafe that's right outside the departure gate with a bottle of (seriously overpriced at RM6) orange juice. 

What I liked:
  • Terminal-wide WiFi connection, which is free for the first hour or two, which is sufficient for most people. 
  • The "Ask Me" counters at strategic areas to ask them about departure gates and which way they are.
  • At least I didn't have to walk out on the tarmac to the plane, or walk too far to board the plane. 
What I didn't like so much:
  • Lack of travellators. Did they use Usain Bolt to measure those walking times?
  • Self check in kiosk still not working, so best to check in and print out your boarding pass beforehand. 
  • Not a lot of water refill stations, especially after the X-ray stations at the departure gates. Which is cruel and unusual punishment after walking so much. 
  • Would it kill them to have more seats around, especially after making us walk so much?