Sunday, 20 July 2014

First impressions: Spotlight, Ampang Park

Disclaimer: Sorry, no pictures. Can't be arsed. 

I hadn't found a chance to go check out the Australian mega DIY store Spotlight, which opened in Malaysia last weekend, until today. It's also not a store I'm familiar before this because I hadn't furthered my studies in or travelled to Australia and/or NZ, but people I knew who had were excited about it. I'm not really a crafty person or anything, but I like to see what's there and check out the opening promos. 

I don't think I've even heard of Ampang Point, let alone been there. It's one of those old school neighbourhood malls and not a place you would drive so far to get to (not from PJ, anyway). Had to GPS it. Went on a slight scenic route getting there. Luckily it was faster getting back once I got my bearings straight :P 

Made plans (lunch + Spotlight) to go with a friend who knits and hadn't heard of the store until I mentioned it. I had heard that mall parking was a little difficult, but I wasn't expecting it to be so bad. Luckily found a street parking outside, and because it's Sunday, we saved on mall parking (saw that it was RM2.50 for the first two hours? Correct me if I'm wrong). Whee!

Store seems huge (no wonder they opened here first, space is probably cheaper :P) - you see the bedding section when you first walk in, and then you work your way through the other DIY sections (sewing, party stuff, crafting, etc) and ending with home interior stuff on your way out. Staff there seemed pretty friendly - we were greeted while browsing, which doesn't happen too much. What I appreciated more was not being disturbed after that, but that's more because they were busy running around than to stalk you while you browse.

If I went alone, I probably won't be in there too long because I didn't buy anything in the end (friend went nuts with the discounted yarn), but got a member card for when it expands to PJ (so one of the ladies there told us - Mines later in the year, IPC early next year). You know, just in case. And it's also free, so what's another card to my stack of loyalty cards.

My only question is: Can you use the VIP card in multiple countries, or just for here? I didn't know there was one in Singapore (specifically Plaza Singapura).