Wednesday, 16 July 2014

epicuro, Damansara Utama [Groupon MY]

Bought a cash voucher Groupon to epicuro months ago for when I would have to find my own dinner, but that never came up and the deadline to use it was looming around the corner. So settled for dragging the sibling along when the 'rents had to go out to dinner and I wasn't exactly in the mood to cook/reheat leftovers. This was some weeks ago.

I wouldn't really go there for lunch during the week unless I got super lucky and got parking (or a death wish), but weekends and after business hours is fine. It was just our dumb luck that when we got there, inside seating was full and we were placed outside, where it was hot as balls even though it was getting dark. Service was spotty busy - they got the sibling's Coke order, but not my plain water order, even after asking about it several times -_-" 

We finally got a table inside after awhile. What a relief. There was this elderly couple over the next table a few inches away, taking their own sweet time, which must be tough for the three person group waiting there even after we left because the former was still not done. 

Ended up ordering the chicken cacciatore (RM24.90) and the sibling got the crispy chicken with cole slaw (RM18.90). Personally am not sure if I would come back even to try the porky or dessert menu items. But you never know.

20, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama