Sunday, 15 June 2014

Week 24, 2014

Stupid El Nino. Definitely not candle princess friendly. Also would need sunblock higher than SPF 50, no matter what "experts" say about how anything higher doesn't really do anything. If nothing else, it's definitely hot as balls and would need corn starch to apply to non-existent ones.
  • Got an email (sure, they don't tell you when there's a member's sale, but when there's a new product you don't really want to buy, and boom! it's both text AND email) from Sephora Malaysia about the launch of Benefit Cosmetic's new "revolutionary" eyeliner, where the first three people in line at the KLCC store on Saturday morning gets extra freebies (or something to that effect). Am I the only one that thinks it's a little crazy to spend 3 digits on something like eyeliner? Tell me I'm not crazy. 
  • Saw Tom Rhodes at the Crackhouse on Thursday. 
  • Vanity Trove sale was a bust (for them and also me, because I didn't buy anything after going through the trouble of RSVP-ing). 
  • Finally used the Little Wonton voucher from LivingSocial. 
  • After much internal sturm und drang about going to the upcoming Travis gig in Singapore (and also browsing the web for accommodation options), my erm, connection down there have bought me a ticket. So now I have to keep my word and make travel arrangements. 
  • KL International Outlets opening in 2016 - whee?
Happy Father's Day to whoever's celebrating.