Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week 22, 2014

And... it's already the month of June. Health-wise, I'm pretty much in the clear now.
  • Got my GoGirl in the post this week, thanks to Plus Size Kitten and her giveaway!
  • Also got the RM36 powerbanks on Tuesday via FedEx. Also ordered another two; not to scalp, but the sibling asked :P
  • Braved the crazy one day, closed-door members' sale at the Popular Book store at IPC on Saturday. The cashier terminals were not equipped to deal with the huge number of people and the lines at all the cashiers (even the makeshift one near the door that's normally the customer service counter) were long and slow. 
  • Also braved another Popular warehouse sale at Viva mall and bought a bunch more stationery (had no patience to go through the books). 
  • Car muffler crapped out this week and got a 4 digit quotation from the manufacturer at the authorised service centre. After a few phone calls and perusing the online Yellow Pages, got it changed for under RM500. Let's just hope that doesn't crap out. 
  • Saw X-Men: Days of Future Past and Shear Madness