Friday, 13 June 2014

Back at the Crackhouse again

Nearly 6 weeks since the Crackhouse Comedy Club opened its doors and my first time there, I went back again on a Thursday night to see Tom Rhodes for the first of a brief, three night run there. Why Thursday? Because I don't want to have to deal with the Friday and Saturday night crowd and traffic.

The initial plan was to find dessert before going in. Found parking really quickly and saw one of the ladies downstairs that handles the money and ticketing and decided to pay for my entrance fee and got a stamp first before looking for dessert. 

Found my friend (who called me about an hour before to ask if I was still going after she thought she couldn't make it due to work commitments when I asked the day before; who didn't answer the phone when I called when I first got there because she didn't have her phone on vibrate), having dinner with a couple of other people I don't already know at a Thai place around the corner. Got my dessert after all when I ordered the mango sago gula melaka pudding, with green sago.

There was probably only about 25 people tops (including staff, etc), I was in the most uncomfortable position of being in a virtual front row in front of the stage. I cannot say enough how much I loathe being so near the stage, especially in such an intimate space. Mostly because I like being able to just listen and not have to make eye contact with people on stage when I sit in the shadows. That, and I was almost freezing because I was sitting where the A/C was flowing (even after switching seats, my friend still needed covering up).

Show opened with the usual fluffing from Atherton, who introduced the young comedians, Tuck and Brian, both of whom whose sets I probably have already seen and heard at some point. They both kind of bombed in their own way (sorry, but true), but at least they had about 10 minutes each. 

After the 10 minute intermission - glad that they also have OJ (even if it's Peel Fresh) as another option to the roster of "premium TTDI water" and booze, as well as a selection of savoury pies - Tom Rhodes did about an hour long set at least. The only snag about being the first audience is for the headliner to see what material sticks and what doesn't for the rest of the run. If nothing else, at least I picked the right tee shirt to wear (one of the Beatles tee shirts) that night :P