Friday, 30 May 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Haven't gone to the movies later than Wednesdays in ages until friend mentioned that there's a ticket BOGO promo for Maybank credit card holders on Thursdays at TGV. At RM12 (RM6 each), it turned out to be cheaper than the Wednesday promo, which seemed obvious to everyone else but me as it is busier there than on Wednesdays. 
  • Both young and old Magneto are SUCH DRAMA QUEENS. That, and Fassbender makes me laugh as he STILL looks constipated whenever he uses his powers here..
  • They're really working to seperate the Avengers Quicksilver and X-Men Quicksilver: the father-son thing never came up in this movie. Also, the headphones he was wearing in his biggest scene can't have been a 1973 thing either. Of course I could be wrong.
  • I totally get why they sent Wolverine back in time and not Shadowkat (like in the source material): name recognition :P
  • I laughed like a crazy person every time Booboo Stewart (as Warpath) is on screen. Nothing wrong with the casting, but it's one of those names you can't say or think of with a straight face. 
  • The 1973 sentinels looks so 21st century. But I give young Magneto props for stringing the train tracks so that he could control them.
  • JFK a mutant. Hah.
  • Prof X's wheel-less erm, chair? Cool-ness.
  • No Stan Lee cameo right? If there was, you'd have heard about it.
  • Love the callback to First Class when Charles told Logan to "fuck off"
  • It was weird that despite her character being on screen for all of three seconds in the final cut of the movie, Anna Paquin was so highly billed. They remembered to cut out her subplot but not move the billing. 
  • Wait, so they got Kelsey Grammar back in the Beast makeup for the cameo, or was that old footage?
While still long at 2 hours and some change (especially when you're under the AC vent in the cinema), I didn't hate how they reconciled the first trilogy of X-Men movies, X-Men: First Class and also the Wolverine movies here for the next one, the sneak preview of the big bad was in the stinger. But I dunno how they gonna bring back Sirs PatStew and Ian McKellen..