Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week 21, 2014

Still making snot wan tans on top of not being in the best of moods this week. It's also Memorial Day weekend in the US, which somehow translate to sales everywhere there? Weird, I know.
  • Collected the prize of fresh goat's milk and goat's milk soap from a lady doctor's office in Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre. I probably only have a couple bottles left.
  • Finally got to see Jeff Dunham live in Malaysia. Pity I did not get to see Achmed as the "French brother" Jacques Merde wasn't quite the same.. 
  • Also caught the first show of this year's PJ Laugh Fest - Harith Iskander's Making S#it Up Comedy. Will be watching another one (Shear Madness) the end of the coming week. 
  • Finished two books because (of course) of crappy Internet connection. Need to get the TBR pile moving. 
  • Managed to get two of the RM36 powerbanks from Xiaomi on Tuesday. They're doing it again this coming Tuesday. Hoping to receive them soon. 
  • Went to the FJ Benjamin sale at Viva Mall on Sunday (mostly to get out of the house and also for the AC), not expecting to find anything as it started on Friday. Ended up with 3 La Senza bras (RM90, and had gone up a cup size) and 2 Banana Republic pants for RM100. 
  • Sephora had a private members' sale (which you would only know if you subscribe to the emails as there's no mention of it anywhere at the stores) from Wednesday to Saturday. Only went on Friday night and after some help from the SA and much deliberation, bought Tarte Cosmetic's full coverage foundation. I'm just hoping that the colour works out since their return/exchange policy doesn't apply to opened/unsealed product -_- WTF....