Sunday, 11 May 2014

Week 19, 2014

  • Got the Estee Lauder staff sale passes in the mail this week from fellow blogger who hosted a giveaway on her site and I won a pair. It's the holy grail of sales (not just in KL, but just about anywhere else) and these are money-can't-buy passes (What I hear is that you got to ask from Estee Lauder Malaysia employees, but I've never developed a rapport with anyone in particular to ask). 
  • Shakura called to follow up on me making an appointment for free facial treatment. Lucky I went in prepared (read the online reviews) and resisted the hard sell bit after the treatment. 
  • Also won tickets to see Jon Favreau's Chef next week, which is great because I had wanted to watch it and I don't want to stretch the finances anymore than I need to. 
  • Yep, there finally is a DD cream -_-'
  • Got bugged by Shakura to make an appointment for their free facial treatment. Having read about the hard sell part beforehand, I was mostly prepared not to crack the wallet. 
  • Got my Sugru order in the post, whee!
  • In a redemption-only exercise at the second home on Friday evening, redeemed one mini hand cream from L'OCCITANE but bought a larger-sized hand cream to get the cute limited edition sock stuffed with 3 more mini hand cream tubes. Am such a sucker sometimes. But to be fair, I've been going to that particular outlet to redeem stuff and you got to buy SOMETHING once in a while.. Also redeemed a free Uniqlo AIRISM top (which is also not something I would normally buy myself).
  • Won tickets to see Chef next week. For the love of Pete, I hope I got the day and time right. 
  • Catch up dinner at the primary school-themed Ecole P at DU on Sunday night.