Sunday, 4 May 2014

Week 18, 2014

Water rationing has been called off, against the advice of the "experts" on the matter.
  • Finally got the car transfer thing done, as well as get new registration card for the other car (which is just about how long it's been around).
  • Sad to hear that CraigyFerg is leaving the Late Late Show, but at least it's December and not sooner. 
  • Thursday was Labour Day (yay, holiday!). Took the time to check out KL's first actual comedy club (Crackhouse) in Taman Tun.
  • Granduncle passed away (pretty suddenly) on Saturday. Mum flew out to East Coast with an uncle to join the others who were already in that vicinity for the long(ish) weekend... 
  • Because of what happened, I had to go to a wedding kenduri with Dad at the Kompleks Taman Seni in Shah Alam on Saturday because he's still recovering from cataract surgery. You know it's not your average house kenduri when the Deputy Minister of Finance is on the guest list. Food is just so-so, but at least lunch was settled :P
Who's glad that Vesak is coming up in a couple of weeks?
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