Saturday, 17 May 2014

Estee Lauder Malaysia Staff Sale 2014

I've known, heard and read about the holy grail of cosmetics and skincare warehouse sales for a number of years (came close to going some years before when someone got a pair of passes they didn't want) now, but had never been because I'm not one to pay money for the passes on the black market and that I don't have anyone/ the clout to know who to ask the passes from. 

Fortunately, got a pair this year from a fellow blogger and found someone to go with, who has not heard of the sale until I mentioned it and could not believe the hype/madness of it. The only thing we both agreed on was that we were not crazy enough to camp overnight and agreed to leave around 5.30 a.m. By the time we got there around 6 something, we were in the second line of velvet rope, which is not too bad, considering. Heard that the first people in line had been there since past midnight or 10 p.m. the night before (depending on who you ask). Also found it to be pretty damn hot while waiting in line, like the hotel saving money on the AC or what. 

Doors opened for the VIP line around 7 a.m., and they let the cattle in 40 minutes later. While in line, we heard accusations of queue jumping, which is pretty odd considering the auntie that (allegedly) made the accusation was slowing moving towards the front of the line as time went on.. Either that, or she tu lan that there was a VIP line? I don't know for sure. 

The cattle line
VIPs going in at 7 a.m.
First thing I went in for was the Estee Lauder skincare. Apparently ANR (Advanced Night Repair) already "sold out" but plenty of the eye only ANR remain. Also plenty of the other EL serums available, but the manufacturing date on most of them seem to be around 2012, so did not get any. Plenty of Bobbi Brown and MAC make up sets (especially the Archie ones, which was only some months ago?), but skipped on that since had no intention to buy or use anyway. Also both the MAC and Bobbi Brown counters were too crowded anyway.

As long as it took to get in, there were plenty of cashier counters on the way out, but only about 4 - 5 counters for debit card payment only (of course it would be a lot faster if you paid cash) and double the number for credit card payment. I personally didn't buy much - only bought the DKNY Drop of Verbena gift set for RM 140 (50 ml EDP + miniature) and a two pack of a Clinique serum (RM 200) that I didn't mind the sample I received. Of course the friend bought more than I did -_-

Finished around 8 something, we walked past the long line of people waiting outside (through the lobby) and it was like, if you come after 8 a.m., you probably shouldn't have bothered. For what it's worth, parking downstairs at the Time Square Hotel was RM 10, a RM1 short of the RM11 maximum.

In conclusion: You should go if you've not been. If you have the passes and want to go, you probably should come by earlier to line up. It's only once a year and you have the other 51 Saturdays to sleep in. That said, getting VIP passes to get a 40 minute head start is a sweet deal. But for the love of Pete, don't pay for the passes.