Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Car Ownership Transfer at JPJ Padang Jawa

Went down to the Padang Jawa JPJ last week to get the car ownership transfer done and to meet with Dad's car insurance guy (who was the one who sold him the car in the first place, but also does auto insurance on the side) for the actual car insurance. Why Padang Jawa? Because the guy is not exactly keen on travelling to PJ (I guess), etc. Long story there. 

The parking situation there is terrible. And it's RM2 for the first hour or something. 

Anyway, you would need.. (forms are available on JPJ website so you could download and fill out beforehand)
  • Pink registration card
  • Valid PUSPAKOM inspection report (only valid for a month)
  • RM100 fee
  • Both parties, their thumbs and ICs
  • TM-2 form (Checklist)
  • 2 copies of K3A form (Actual ownership transfer form)
You would also have to get current road tax and insurance policy cancelled at JPJ (I think), but since they've lapsed in my case, we didn't have that to worry about.

Anyway, got directed to the right room by the front information desk, took a number and was attended to quickly. After filling out a few missing details here and there on the forms, as well as having thumbprints scanned to verify the details on the IC, paying, it was done pretty quickly. 

What took longer was getting the new registration card on another car (that was already full and had needed a new one anyway) which I didn't know required another form. But at least I didn't have to take another number or go someplace else for it.