Sunday, 13 April 2014

Week 15, 2014

Some rain. Taps are still dry. What the heck, right? I'm thinking conspiracy theory so that SYABAS or whoever handles the water supply now could have some money in the coffers because people would be hoarding on days they have water.
  • One of my books finally sold on Bookup! Whee! (Which happened a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to mention)
  • A favourite author (and series) died this week. Bye, Sue Townsend
  • Saw The Grand Budapest Hotel this week. 
  • Oh my crap, Stephen Colbert is taking over The Late Show!!!
  • Won a phablet earlier this week. After much internal sturm und drang, have decided to keep it mostly because I would never actually buy such a thing for myself. And using it as a tablet, minus the ph- prefix.
  • Congrats to the new winner of Asia's Next Top Model.