Sunday, 6 April 2014

Week 14, 2014

Some rain, but water rationing still on. And still hot as balls. C'est la vie. 
  • Saw new Captain America movie. You should if you haven't done so. If you're a fan of Marvel (casual or otherwise), you probably have already seen it opening weekend. 
  • Bratpack sale this weekend. As usual, crazy long line for the FitFlop section. Loads of aunties lining up. I just want to know if they have the mary jane shoes on sale there, but didn't want to line up for at least an hour, only to walk through and out. They should seriously expand the size to about half the location. Really. 
  • Checked out the 360 Bazaar on Jalan Ampang on Saturday. Wasn't there too long because nothing really caught my eye. However, I did try out local soda brand Pop, The Soda on the way out (RM3 a bottle) - great if you don't like your pop/soda too sweet or gassy, but just not for me :P
  • Got this in the mail this week. As promised, would have to try it out ASAP. 
  • This year's Cheng Beng is all wrapped up. Even the granduncle from Kota Bharu showed up.