Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Surviving the PUSPAKOM Inspection

Had to do car owner transfer stuff (old bean wants me to legally own one of the cars because of some NCD thing) but have no idea how to go about it. At the very least, a trip to PUSPAKOM and JPJ were required; the former to make sure that it has its own parts and is not a kereta potong, and the latter to make it all legal. Owner transfer inspection (according to them) takes about an hour and is RM30 for privately-owned cars (can check the rest here).

I've only got the first half done, and here's how it went down:

Call/Text your nearest PUSPAKOM to make an appointment. In my case I decided to go with the one on Jalan Tandang. If you've ever been to any of the book warehouse sales (Penguin or MPH) in the past, it's literally further down the same road. You just have to be careful of the heavy vehicles because it's in an industrial area.

Had to fix the car wipers (another story altogether) at the nearby service centre beforehand, so I ended up at least 15 minutes early for my appointment. When I pulled up, I was given an appointment card by a cop at the entrance (who probably has a list of car plates with the day's appointments) and went around back to line up. Lane 1 was for public service and heavy vehicles and Lane 2 was for cars. 

I was probably one of the few people there who are not professional runners and probably the only female under 40 not working there. 

Grabbed a form from the registration/cashier counter and filled out what I could (I should also mention that you need to bring the car's pink registration card as well). Helpful tip: bring your own pen. Give the ladies at counter your pink card, filled out form and money and you'll get a receipt to show the guys doing the inspection that you've paid.  Then you give them the pink card and your car keys so that they could start the inspection.

You then go into a room and wait for the results (they will call out by car registration). Based on the report, here's what they look for: Engine number, chassis number, signs of chop shop-ping, and tint levels. 

About 40 minutes later, I was done. While I can see why runners' fees go for at least a few hundred RM (but everything would be done for you including the JPJ bit), but if you have the time, it's cheaper to do it yourself. And you get to see the process for yourself.