Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Quickie Taste Test: Bright Cow Fresh Jersey Milk

Received a bottle of this to try. It's locally produced, unpasteurised and unhomogenised milk. It's Jersey cow milk and that the cows are NOT from New Jersey (as the sibling likes to kid, even though the Jersey Shore reference is beyond passée in 2014). 

Taste-wise: As someone who doesn't like the taste of plain milk (chocolate milk FTW), I had to try at least a little bit as-is. Tastes alright to me, I suppose. It also tastes just as good flavoured. I'm not sure if you can add it to hot drinks without essentially "cooking" it. I don't know about cooking and baking applications. 

Pro: Doesn't taste too bad. As someone who does non-full fat milk, this tastes close to that. 

Con: You probably only have a few days (a week, tops?) to finish because it's not pasteurised, which sucks if you're me and tend to take too long to finish stuff, unless you really love milk or have other people around to help finish... I wouldn't mind a half-litre option or something like that. 

The Google Maps list of where Bright Cow products are available are here and that there's a home delivery option, but due to the unpasteurised nature of the milk, it's pretty much Klang Valley only. Price-wise (not that I made a one-person comprehensive supermarket survey), it's only a bit more (under RM10 a bottle?) than other local, pasteurised milk.