Monday, 21 April 2014

No jodoh with

Made an order on in late February, partly to test the site and because there was a coupon code that I couldn't pass up. Got the usual confirmation email that my order was being processed, which was SOP. Got a missed call and message (on FB) to ask if I wanted to proceed with my order. I even made a withdrawal in anticipation. 

It's been nearly a couple months now, and still no product. Messaged them on FB and left a couple of emails in the weeks since, but was told that it was still being processed, etc. Luckily it was an order for a pair of sunglasses and not anything crucial like spectacles or contact lenses. I also could've sworn that they had a Live Chat option on their website at some point (?). Correct me if I'm wrong. 

So I sent them one last gentle reminder this week and I finally got confirmation that after an exhaustive effort to source the item for me, the thing I wanted was out of stock and that my order was cancelled. I just wished that they would say so sooner than stringing me along... There also complaints on their Facebook Page from other people who also hadn't gotten their items for yet far longer than mine. 

After this length of time, I kind of saw it coming and I wasn't mad or anything; I was just glad I chose the COD option and had not paid any actual money.

All in all - no real hurry to buy anything from them in the near future; and as I can't judge an unfinished transaction (much like how judges on cooking shows can't judge a dish they can't eat because it was raw, etc), I guess that will have to wait. Or if there was a juicy coupon code.