Thursday, 24 April 2014

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia warehouse sale

Earlier this week I saw online that the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia was going to have a warehouse sale at their HQ in Cheras. In all the years Coffee Bean has been in Malaysia, this has never happened. Snag for most people would be that it was also going to be from today (Thursday) to Saturday, so you either would have to sneak off, take leave (never!) or hope that you'll find something worth your while on Saturday. 

Found my way there with GPS only to realise that I've been to that neck of the woods before.. for Skechers warehouse sale some years ago. Couldn't find parking inside, but luckily I found a spot outside. Either because it was Thursday or that it was raining heavily, but it wasn't that crowded when I got there. 

To summarise: It's their RTD (Ready to Drink) coffee and tea, some Christmas items (teas, beans and things like Christmas stockings [RM10 for 3]), cup with saucer (one design), mug (one holiday, one non-holiday themed design but made in Korea), tea pot (one design), and SSM (Single Serve Machine that takes pods; one design, RM200 from RM800+ as they were showroom units). They were also selling (limited) Ice Blended drinks with muffins outside the sale area. 

Sorry, best I could do on crappy phone cam.
But should still be somehow legible :P

Some stores still have these umbrellas

Really don't know who would want these..

When I got there, it was raining heavily. The weather probably had something to do with my lapse in judgement as I went away with 2 umbrellas, 2 mugs, a tin of peppermint tea, and 6 cans of RTD lemon tea. Wasn't crazy enough to buy (and lug) an entire carton by myself even though it may be cheaper to buy the carton.

Whether you think it's worth going, that's up to you.