Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week 13, 2014

Haze. Rain. Hot. No water 2 days at a time. Argh. Some more water rationing exercise extended another month. More argh. That is all.
  • When did the Chinese characters for Terengganu, Melaka and Sarawak tukar (since I was in primary school)? #toooldforthis
  • Got both orders from Luxola and AliExpress this week - yay! 
  • Also got my dairy gift set from Bright Cow (thanks to BFM's Feeding Time) on Saturday morning after the Friday delivery plan didn't pan out.
  • Was a matter of time before the Chris and Gwynnie marriage didn't pan out. #byeyoko Maybe there'll be a halfway decent Coldplay album now.
  • Primary schoolmate gathering at Slurp Cafe in 3 Two Square Thursday evening. Only barely made it after driving down to JB that morning -_-" Even when I showed up I was wondering why I bothered since I wasn't even classmates with half the people that showed up at any point in primary school. But I did find out one guy whose family runs/own(?) Lorenzo Furniture.
  • Went for facial at Sothys in the second home on Sunday. It'll be awhile before I go back if I have to pay full price.. 
  • What I did on Saturday...
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