Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wedding reception at Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya

Better part of Saturday was spent at the second cousin's local wedding reception (they were already legally married in San Fran last year) held at the Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya (formerly Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya). Since I actually like and get along with this second cousin (also I wouldn't have to foot the angpau bill with the 'rents in attendance), I was fine with going. Her dad (my cousin-uncle) mostly invited first-cousins (mum, her siblings as well as the East Coast cousins and their kids) and a second cousin (which I didn't know of/brain farted about?) and his family (that I noticed). 

What the invitation card didn't say (or if we missed it somehow) was that it was going to be held outside by the pool in the heat and the haze. Can't say I wasn't the only one tempted to jump into the pool. Some over-accesorised with scarves and jackets. I was just glad that I didn't wear stilettos. There was also a contingency (indoor) venue in case it rained, but fat luck with that since it hasn't rained that much in weeks. Which must be great for the Canadian in-laws (his parents, aunt and uncle, brother) that actually made it  because it's chilly back in Toronto, but still. 

The only other thing I knew about this was that it was going to be a buffet dinner. What threw me off was that everyone got served with minestrone soup tableside. By the time I was done with the soup, the line for the buffet got annoyingly long. Started with a salad because there was no line at the salad bar :P Food was mostly edible.

There were the usual speeches and stuff. What I didn't expect was the shoe game where both bride and groom answer questions about the other by raising the other person's shoe (that they swapped at the start) to mean the person. The only people who made some use of the dance floor at the end of the evening were the Canadians. 

No one was sure if guests were supposed to help themselves to the cupcakes and cookies until the MC gave the okay. Then all hell broke loose... kidding.
Orchid or vulva? You could ask the same of Georgia O' Keeffe paintings..
As it is with these things, sibling and I ended up waiting for the 'rents as they chewed the fat with mum's cousins and cousins-in-law while the hotel staff were clearing up around them. Only got home past midnight. So tired, and not just from the weather, haze and also general stickiness; but also from the sudden Ominous Itch in the Throat. So annoying. 
Anyway, we got a portion of the (edible) wedding cake home - fondant covered fruit cake - which might take awhile to erm, finish.