Thursday, 6 March 2014

Take Me to Dinner

Won tickets to the gala premiere of Gavin Yap's big screen directorial debut, Take Me to Dinner (which is only coming out next Thursday), at the second home GSC last night. Joined the contest for the tickets at least, and wasn't expecting to get one of the grand prizes, which was a photo opportunity with the cast (which I skipped out on, just because). 
A dark comic romantic drama that explores the highs and lows of love, friendship, food and murder. Meet Edward, an over the hill burnt out assassin. After falling for Jennifer (Susan Lankester), Edward (Patrick Teoh) decides he's had enough of killing and requests for his retirement dinner. It's up to his equally messed up colleagues - Hamm (U-En Ng), Teddy (Ben Tan), Elijah (Michael Chen) and Manny (Thor Kah Hoong), to give it to him. There's just one problem, this dinner will set in motion a series of events that will change their lives forever. Take Me To Dinner is a film about chance, violence, and human relationships in our modern times.
Cast: Patrick Teoh, Susan Lankester, Ben Tan, U-En Ng, Thor Kah Hoong, Michael Chen, Jia-Wei Loo, Chew Kin Wah, Na'a Murad
This being the gala premiere, of course other  local celebs turned up to show their support. Too many to name. If you've been a local theatregoer in the last decade or so (at least), you would've seen or know the cast members from different stage productions over the years. 

With all the celebs in one hall and the hoi polloi in the another hall (which wasn't even filled up, but at least got decent seats), the movie started around 9.20 p.m. with no ads or trailers. 

I don't (and have never) consider myself a art house movie nerd or anything like that, but the pace for the first 2/3 of the movie was a tad slow. Great if it was a stage production, not so sure about for an actual movie. But I persevered, because I really want to know how it ended. The action only picked up in the third act. I also noticed a few people in my hall walk out halfway through the movie. Can't say I blame them.

This is one movie you need to know the basic premise of as I don't think you really can't go in blind. I don't think it'll be everyone's cup of tea. But don't let me stop you from going.