Monday, 24 March 2014

Sun Off A Beach sunblock

Bought a couple of the Sun Off A Beach Festival Survival kits at last year's Urbanscapes, which had a 50gm bottle of sunblock, Good Morning towel, bubble gun, glow stick, and a disposable poncho. Bought two as I couldn't decide and I didn't want to buy the bigger one at retail outlets in case it doesn't work for me. They have four variants: Sensitive, Anti-Aging, Sports and Kids. Picked the first two to try out. (If you want to get a Festival Survival kit, they're only available at local festivals)

Even though it says you can apply on both face and body, but I just can't bring myself to apply this on my face. I just can't. Besides, I have products for that which I've still not finished.

Been mostly using this at the office as I thought bringing the huge Neutrogena one I got in Australia would be awkward. 

From the Facebook Page... 

Sun off A Beach sun and skincare products use:
· Titanium Dioxide
· Light Shea Butter
· Subtle fragrance sourced from France

Sun off A Beach products are formulated WITHOUT :
· Parabens
· Oil/Grease
· Harmful Chemical Filters such as Avobenzone and Benzophenone

  • It's also not greasy, sticky and no ghost-cast after application, all personal peeves.
  • Travel friendly at 50 and 100 gm sizes
  • Getting remnants out of the crevices, especially when you didn't store them upright. 
  • The anti-aging one smells like powder that grandmothers tend to put on to me and not the "citrus fragrance" it claimed to be on the packaging.

Long story short, would definitely buy the Sensitive one before I would buy the Anti-Aging one again. 

Disclaimer: Do I need a disclaimer that says that I wasn't sent these things to try out, and that I actually paid for these myself? I know I mentioned it in the opening paragraph, but I guess it doesn't hurt to bring the point home again.