Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sephora Nu Sentral store opening.. from the trenches :P

Droved down to new mall Nu Sentral only because they have free parking for a week (because only a few shops are open, it's still dusty, etc). 

Parkson there seemed slim pickings (especially in the skincare and cosmetics department) and the RM50 voucher (when you show the mailer that is available EVERYWHERE in the store with your Bonuslink card) stipulates that you can only use it with purchases above RM250.

Bought nothing there and went to check out the line for the Sephora store opening happening at 3.30 p.m.. The line had already started around 1 p.m. and I quickly went in line, along with three dudes behind me, one of them an middle-aged man. He was not the only person above 40 there (if he's doing it for spouse/kid, he must really love them to do so). Spent the time in line mostly avoiding the numerous cameras there to cover the event. 

At around the 2 something mark, they started giving out numbered stickers so that they have their first 50 people in line to receive the RM100 voucher (which the uncle in line behind me later saw and went "wah, RM100 voucher" as I told him where to redeem the Star cutout gift) and later, the 150 people for the RM50 voucher. I was the last person in line to get the former (yay!), mostly due to attrition.

Before they let the hordes in, there was a dance performance instead of the usual lion dance (I'd take Icona Pop's I Don't Care any day). Then they took back the stickers of everyone in line while giving out the vouchers. First thing I did was to head to the cashier to redeem whatever the newspaper cutting said it was before I looked around. 

The mascara is what you get when you bring the newspaper cut out from The Star
It took me forever to decide what to get because I couldn't decide if I wanted to stock up on existing products I'm already using or just try something different. Because they don't have the foundation shade I use (at Sephora?! Yep, I'm shocked too) and I had just repurchased a powder recently, I ended up buying a new facial cleanser (which I needed) and a little something to round out the purchase. Only paid RM2 for the lot :P

And... here are my grouses about it (which is more to do with because of the rush to open on time; I'm sure it won't be so in the future)
  1. Not everything on the shelves had price tags; so the staff were busy running to the cashier and back to do price checks.
  2. The checkout lines took for-fucking-ever because people were busy signing up for the White Card. Can't they have a counter set aside for this instead of slowing the rest of us down? Good grief. 
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