Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week 8, 2014

Weather is still ball broilingly hot. There's only so much laundry one can do. It feels like high noon at 6 p.m. WTF. 
  • Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry are the only reasons to watch this year's BAFTAs. Now I want to see how she does at the Oscars. 
  • First MACC show of the year on Wednesday. Always fun, bringing a first-timer. 
  • Took up the counter manager's offer of another free brow wax and brow tinting service (for what happened last month) at the Benefit Brow Bar in Pavilion. The latter service is still so new that it has not been announced yet because not enough people have been trained for it. Now my brows look snazzier than sparse *thumbs up*
  • Caught the last performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit at Damansara Performing Arts Centre on Sunday afternoon.
  • Relatively painless HopShopGo experience. Thank goodness.
  • Met the lovely people from on a sunny Saturday afternoon, who were nice enough to actually pick up the books I was going to sell through them (as they were going to be in KL for the day) instead of having me send the books to them in Ipoh. Luckily for everyone, I got home in time when they called me to push forward the appointment. All the best to them and the business.