Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week 6, 2014

Weather this week is mostly ball broiling hot (30 degree range); to other people in other parts of Malaysia complaining about 17-degree weather... kanasai lah, you all. 
  • Bai tee kong fireworks started after 8 p.m. until past 2 a.m.. Couple of asshats let off cannon-powered ones right outside the house. Nearly got a headache AND made it hard to watch the Top Chef finale.
  • Saturday evening was the annual potluck/gambling session on the mother's side. Collected remaining angpau (yay).
  • Finally found a reason to try out HopShopGo, but neglected to use Ebates when I was doing so.. D'OH!
  • Flappy Bird came and left before I even found out what it was about... not really, I heard about it the day BEFORE it gets taken down. It's too much work, gameplay-wise.