Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Trip to the PJ LHDN Office

Got tasked with getting the stamp duty for office rental agreement (for it to be legally effective? This is why I'm not a lawyer :P), which I know nothing about, so Google to the rescue... or not, since I couldn't really find out how to actually go about it. So had Mum call a real estate agent (that she is acquainted with) to find out the basics. What I did get (from the Googling) was that you had to go to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri to get it done and I already where the closest one is (the one at PJ Trade Centre). 

After making a stop at the bank (which was another clusterfuck altogether, but worked out okay in the end), parked at Empire Damansara (free parking until further notice) across the road and walked over. It's the one right downstairs, can't miss it. Found out afterwards that the sweet parking outside is free for the first half hour for people with LHDN business to conduct. Okay, good to know. 

Walked in, got a number (20 places, give or take), and grabbed a couple of forms from Kaunter 11 to fill out while I wait (but not before asking the guy what the heck I was supposed to fill, and he marked the relevant areas for this dungu's reference). Before I was done, it was already my turn (I didn't take that long, honestly!). Told the lady that it was my first time and I filled what I could. Lucky she wasn't terribly nasty about it and the stamp duty wasn't that much (and within my own calculation that I did find on Google). Scooted over to the payment counter to pay and for them to (electronically?) stamp the things. The only snag was that they don't issue payment receipts, but the amount is clearly stated in the documents.

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