Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Journey

Because it's an Astro production, I've seen the TV spots for the locally-shot movie, The Journey (一路有你) for what seemed like ages before the actual release, which was released (locally) the day before Chinese New Year. My parents also saw it in the cinema, liked it, and had recommended it to other people. I only finally got round to it and man, I got a second row seat because people still want to watch this. 

Sat next to a bunch of kids and was seated next to someone who kept asking what was happening as there weren't English subtitles in some bits and the person next to her had to explain it. Also present were a bunch of aunties and uncles too, so..

Here's the gist of the movie... 
Uncle Chuan is an old-fashioned and conservative man staying alone in Cameron Highlands leading a lonely retired life. His only hope is to reunite with his only daughter Ah Bee who will be returning from overseas after graduation and stay together as a traditional family. Finally Ah Bee came back after graduation but she brought back her foreign boyfriend Benji with her and they planned to get married. Uncle Chuan vigorously opposed to the marriage due to Ben’s frivolous behaviour but he failed to change his daughter’s mind. At the end, Uncle Chuan agreed to their marriage reluctantly, with a condition to be fulfilled- their wedding ceremony must be a Chinese ceremony. According to the Chinese culture, son-in-law Benji is obliged to deliver the wedding invitations together with the father-in-law. To realise a promise of young age, Uncle Chuan decided to invite all his 11 ex-primary classmates that are now located all over Malaysia to attend the daughter’s wedding. He has planned a route map to visit all these ex-classmates in order to hand them the invitation card in person. Benji has agreed with the task but insisted to travel in his motorcycle. Without much choice, the journey of a long distance road travel of Uncle Chuan accompanied by Benji kicked started unwillingly.
It's also set during Chinese New Year, and unless some of the things are all recreated for the movie, pretty much during last year's Chinese New Year period. 

Here's my thoughts while watching it..

  • It's so adorable that Uncle remembered to give them BOTH angpau on CNY.
  • The "chicken and duck" situation between Benji and uncle is all too familiar..
  • Am I glad the stupid Ulala thing is done and dusted. 
  • For someone who's supposed to be in England for a bunch of years, you'd think the chick would sound less pelat speaking English (no wonder, she was 2007's Miss Astro Chinese).. I know, I'm just nitpicking. 
  • I didn't think there were actually 50 tables at the wedding dinner in the end also... haha.
  • The balloon subplot kind of reminds me of UP... and I hadn't see that. 
All in all, if you understand Mandarin and a dialect or two, you'd be fine. Also multi-generation friendly, so it's a family film in the actual sense of the term.