Thursday, 27 February 2014


Finally got to watch Philomena at the local cineplex yesterday, but at 6.05 p.m., which involved buying a ticket online (and spending an additional 50 cents for the transaction), rushing right after office hours and hoping that traffic would not be too bad. Fortunately, I made it with some time to collect actual ticket from Gold Class counter. I understand limiting the movie to certain cinemas (it's only available in Pavilion, Midvalley, and 1U for the Klang Valley audience), but seriously... I don't know if it's the shitty timing GSC has, or because it doesn't exactly have the mass appeal other concurrently playing movies have, but there were about less than a dozen people in the room. I would say it's the timing (1.45, 6.05 and 10.25 p.m. - dumb timeslots, if you ask me).

At this point, this is probably going to be the only Oscar nominated movie that I'll ever get round to watching before the ceremony this coming week. And I don't mind that, because I have no real desire to watch the others and I salute the people that make it their mission to watch every single nominated movie before the Academy Awards. It seems like a long shot to win, but I'll be darned if it did.

Long story short, liked the movie enough; go watch it if you haven't.

PS. I didn't know Mariska Hargitay's real life husband was in this movie. But it does explain the reference to her late mother, Jayne Mansfield.

PPS. Philomena Lee is (at this point) still alive. Wow.