Thursday, 20 February 2014

MACC: Planet of the Apeks

While I didn't get to go on the first night of the run like I usually do, but I brought a PJ Live Arts virgin the next night with me as a tribute/sacrifice, hahaha... kidding. Had to turn around to get my LIVE card because I used the discount to pay RM35 on RM40 seats and I didn't want to have to pay the penalty. 

Ticket says 9 p.m., but because it's Malaysia of course it started about 15 - 20 minutes later because people couldn't get their butts into their seats on time. Urgh. The seats I got online (random generated) were decent - first row on a split level, so I didn't have a giraffe problem. 

While waiting for the show to start, of course the usual loop of funny videos one can find on YouTube to fluff the audience because people had started the laugh train.. I just can't believe I paid money for this particular part of the show. By the way, if you haven't seen the promo videos for the show beforehand on the Internet, you can catch up on those here

Dr Jason: 10 minute set. He did a bit about if Tony Fernandes had a budget hospital (or as he put it, "it's called "hospital kerajaan") like Tune Hotel or Air Asia and some anecdotes about his med student/doctor in government hospital days which I think I have seen/heard on his social media presence. And also about his mother's backside (don't know if his mother would mind the bit, but still). Nonetheless very funny. 

Chi Ho: Dr Jason talked about butts, Chi Ho went on about balls. And how Santa Claus is basically Chinese contrary to popular belief, among other things. Didn't see too many teenagers in the audience beforehand, so it can't have been too awkward.. until the weekend crowd comes in. 

Jenhan: Had a "bad boy" shtick going in to his set, which my friend wasn't a huge fan of (to clarify: got old too quickly). But it's hard to take a guy with a huge Mickey Mouse on the back of the denim jacket seriously as a "bad boy". I know I've mentioned his sartorial choices in the past, but they're too cute not to mention. He erm, not-so randomly picked a cute chick to come on stage for a demonstration... of sorts? Again, why I don't do front row seating (unless tickets are comped). 

Douglas: Made fun of Jenhan's "bad boy" shtick for a few minutes before going into his set on stage. His song this year was P!nk's Just Give Me a Reason featuring fun,'s Nate Ruess. But he managed to end the song with a sales push for the posters, which cracked me up. 

If you already bought tickets, help the guys out and buy a poster too... RM10 only (which I remember used to be only RM5, haha), as Douglas was pushing at the very last second, haha. I don't care what he says about how ticket prices are still the same despite price hikes everywhere else, but as someone who has seen every first run MACC show, tickets have gone up ...a little bit lah. Which is justifiable. 

As usual, I would tell you to go watch it, but with tickets already sold out, that's gonna be tough. 

PS. I still have not broke even on the RM50 membership fee on my LIVE card and it's lapsing next month. Fortunately I was told (by the guys at the box office) that there's a 2 month grace for renewal. 

PPS. I also can't believe that it's been 5 years since the the first EGM