Sunday, 2 February 2014

Aquaria & Dialogue in the Dark, KLCC

Finally cashed the Groupon I bought last year for cheaper admission (RM28 instead of RM38) to Aquaria in KLCC. It probably wasn't a good idea to go on the second day of Chinese New Year as it was pretty crowded. But oh well. 

Poor things
Wasn't in Aquaria too long, so after a drink pitstop at Eight Ounce Coffee upstairs, decided to go over to Petrosains to check out Dialogue in the Dark, which is ongoing until 31st May. Tickets were RM25 for adults (18 and above), RM20 for those 13 - 17, and RM15 for 7 - 12 year olds. I was told to be there 15 minutes before entry for the safety briefing, which wasn't that far off so I just stuck around a little and went in. It's off to the right at the entrance, can't miss it. 

It was me, another lady and a couple in my batch. I was the only one familiar with the project, having been to Comedy in the Dark. We were briefed by Ms Kaye (whom I'm pretty sure I met back then too) on how to use the cane for navigation once inside. Everything seemed larger than life inside since it's so pitch black. We were brought to "Taman Negara" (with "hanging bridge" etc, haha), a "market", "crossroad" and felt up a car (which felt bigger than what it actually was) and a motorbike. We also felt an ATM, which is amazing to me how the visually impaired use it as there's no audio output for them (in Malaysia, anyway). 45 minutes felt a long time when you can't see anything. 

Towards the end, we were guided to the "cafe" where with the money we set aside outside, paid for cookies and a drink. We all copped out and gotten packet drinks instead of tea or coffee, haha. While other people ate and drank, we asked the visually impaired guide questions about living as a visually impaired person before we were led out into the light again.

My take: I can't afford to be blind because my hearing isn't all that much better because I didn't quite trust my hearing to follow anyone's voice in the dark.