Sunday, 5 January 2014

Week 52, 2013 / Week 1, 2014

It's 2014! Short work and school week.

  • Made a five-day weekend by taking Monday and Tuesday (New Year's Eve) off. 
  • After a long spell, spent a weekday afternoon at Sunway Pyramid. 
  • Met up with a friend for lunch on New Year's Eve (who had half day off work - lucky sod) at KLCC. Wasn't expecting the trains to be so packed at 4 p.m.; either a lot of people are already on leave (like yours truly) or also had half day off. Was also in the Pavilion/Fahrenheit 88/Sephora area for a couple of hours beforehand. Lucky the GOKL buses were working and so was their on board Wi-Fi :P
  • Trying to make a dent in my TBR mountain by trying to finish Philippa Gregory's The Red Queen (that I got from BBW sale; supposedly based on the story of Henry VIII's grandmother, Margaret Beauford-Tudor-Stafford-Stanley, etc) so that I can clear it out ASAP (I read her books, but don't fancy keeping them around)
  • If you're eligible for BR1M or have received it in the past, you can now update your banking information on the website so that they could just bank in the amount instead of having you collect in person. 
  • I didn't know Tower Records is still around - found one inside the Borders in The Gardens over the weekend. But it was so small browsing even with several other people was getting a bit claustrophobic :P