Sunday, 12 January 2014

Week 2, 2014

Weather's not too bad this week, comparing to the "polar vortex" the American midwest is going through. Couple of public holidays in the coming week on Tuesday and Friday. There goes productivity. 

  • Waited all day Friday for the Poslaju guy for something I bought off a shop on Rakuten Malaysia. I wasn't expecting it to come so early because of Friday prayers and all, but no sign of the guy at all during office hours. When I got home to check online tracking, the status was "Unable to deliver the item due to Addressee not around at time of delivery" at 6.07 p.m., when everyone was long gone by then. I'm not sure if it's racism or an isolated incident. For the guy's sake, I hope that he's new to the job and still doesn't know his way around, or he's gonna get it from me on Monday. 
  • Had to tell someone that guys don't do Pinterest. Yes, it was a forehead slap-worthy moment. 
  • Broke the months-long absence from the cinema with 47 Ronin that I didn't pay to watch. 
  • I don't know why bother washing cars at all in this weather. 
  • Sibling back for good to work on the thesis.